What does a car service include?

At Thurlow Nunn, we offer three service tiers: Interim, Main and Major.

This includes the car’s 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th service, and comprises the following:
  • Oil and filter change
  • Fluid-level check
  • Leak check
  • Tyre-pressure check (and adjustment if required)
  • Wash-wipe system check (and adjustment if necessary)
  • Lighting check
  • Brake check
  • Suspension check
  • Road test
These are the main tests but we make several others too. You will to receive a checklist outlining full details of your vehicle’s service.
This includes the vehicle’s 2nd, 6th and 10th service and features all Interim Service checks plus the following:
  • Key-fob battery replacement
  • Pollen-filter check
  • Diesel fuel-filter check (where appropriate)
  • Brake-fluid check
  • Drive-belt, exhaust-line and bonnet-catch inspections
  • Headlight alignment
  • Parking-brake check (and adjustment if necessary)
This covers the vehicle’s 4th, 8th and 12th service; it includes all Interim and Main Service tests plus the following:
  • Replacement of fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs (petrol vehicles only)
  • Engine oil, filter, pollen filter, brake fluid and key fob battery replacement
  • A 25-point visual check (which determines various safety factors and whether or not software upgrades are needed)
In addition to the above, we also recommend that further checks are made to account for elapsed time periods and miles on the clock. These typically don’t incur an extra charge, and include a timing-belt check, an engine-dependent fuel-filter change, brake-fluid change and (where appropriate) spark-plug replacement.

What does a Van service include?

For vans, we offer Main and Major Service tiers. Service intervals will depend on your particular van model. Please refer to your service book details – or contact us if you require any clarification.


Main Service

We’ll carry out a raft of additional checks and provide your service book with an official manufacturer stamp. Please note: service prices exclude drive/timing belts.

Major Service

All Main Service aspects are tested and/or replaced and/or checked. We will also replace (where appropriate) the following: diesel fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs.


Depending on distances travelled and time periods elapsed, we recommend further checks. These include fuel-filter change (engine-dependent), brake-fluid change and spark-plug replacement (petrol vehicles), which normally incur an additional fee.

Please note: only our Specialist Van Centres are able to service Vauxhall Movano models.