Peugeot Motability at Thurlow Nunn

What is the Motability Scheme?

The Motability Scheme was launched in 1978 and aims to support people with disabilities in achieving independence through access to affordable mobility solutions.

When you join the Motability Scheme at Thurlow Nunn Kings Lynn Peugeot you get more than just the car, you'll enjoy the freedom that comes with a truly worry-free lease. The Motability Scheme allows you the choice of three pricing options:

  • Cars that cost less than your allowance - meaning the remaining amount will be paid directly to you
  • Cars that cost the same as your full allowance
  • Cars with an Advance Payment - allowing you to add to your weekly allowance by paying a one-off upfront Advance Payment.

Thurlow Nunn Peugeot boasts a team of friendly, accredited experts eager to discuss your needs and find your ideal car match.

Enjoy Worry-Free Motoring with the Motability Scheme at Thurlow Nunn

Irrespective of your motoring needs, we’re confident that there is a PEUGEOT model for you - Small, Medium or Large; Hatchback or SUV; Petrol, Diesel or Electric; Manual or Automatic? Whatever your preference, the PEUGEOT range offers a wide choice of stylish, highly specified and economical models to choose from. And, for those who like to spend their money wisely, a range of our cars are available either below weekly allowance or from £0 Advance Payment.

How Does it Work?

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Am I Eligible