Vauxhall unveils latest Griffin Editions
02 February 2024

Vauxhall unveils latest Griffin Editions

The Griffin range just got a whole lot bigger

Choosing the perfect car is a big decision, and you want to make sure you get the best deal possible that also fits in with your budget. And, let’s face it, finding the right vehicle can ultimately make the chore of daily commutes transform into an enjoyable ride.

When you’re deciding on the right car for you, whether it’s something fit for transporting the family, or a car to simply drive around town, part of the buying process is selecting which additional car options you need.

Here at Thurlow Nunn, we’re proud to be able to eliminate some of the stresses you face when purchasing a vehicle, thanks to the brand new Vauxhall Griffin Editions. You can now get your hands on alloy wheels, cruise control, colour touchscreens and plenty of other extras – all at no additional cost. That’s no hidden extras. No bull.

Named after Vauxhall’s iconic Griffin logo, we are delighted to announce Vauxhall has expanded its Griffin range to include fully-loaded, high specifications of the Mokka X, Astra and ADAM, following on from the best-selling Corsa Griffin launched last year.

Mokka X Griffin Plus

With its rugged looks, the Mokka X Griffin Plus stands out on the road. But it's not just about stylish design, the vehicle is packed with standard features including 19-inch alloy wheels, electronic climate control, rain sensitive windscreen wipers, heated front seats and steering wheel. All available from the low price of £305 per month*.

The supportive, high-mounted seats and comfortably placed controls in the Mokka X provide a spacious and comfortable design, making it perfect for families. Combined with its smooth metallic detailing and chrome instrument-rings, the SUV is refined and roomy.

Astra Griffin

The Astra Griffin makes one of the UK’s best-selling cars even more appealing. An array of standard features ensures every journey’s a pleasure. Motorists can sit back and relax in the driver’s ergonomic active seat and relish the refined driving experience of the Astra Griffin. From £279 per month*, customers can take advantage of a host of extras, including 18-inch bi-colour alloy wheels, satellite navigation, a 7-inch colour touchscreen, electronic climate control, auto windscreen wipers, heated front seats and heated steering wheel.

Built to be brilliant, the Astra Griffin is bold, sporty and full of advanced technology and class-leading connectivity, making it perfect for every type motorist. Whether you’re venturing up and down the country for work, or just nipping around the corner, the Astra will make sure you are travelling in both style and comfort.

ADAM Griffin

From £215 per month* the compact ADAM Griffin is the perfect car for town centre trips. Like all Griffin Editions, it's kitted out with plenty of standard features, including sports suspension, cruise control, 17-inch black alloy wheels, a 7-inch colour touchscreen and satellite navigation. The city car packs serious style, impressive tech and a cool choice of colours, with a punchy petrol engine to give motorists the best of all scenarios.

Corsa Griffin

Completing the range is the Corsa Griffin supermini. From just £195 per month* standard spec includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, satellite navigation, air con, heated front seats and steering wheel. The Corsa Griffin also comes with a head-turning styling pack that features a contrast black roof, black front grille and electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, 16-inch gloss black twinspoke alloy wheels, front fog lights, plus stylish dark tinted privacy windows to the rear.

Griffin Logo

Vauxhall adopted the Griffin as its logo in 1915. The Chief Engineer and Designer, Laurence H Pomeroy, offered the prize of two guineas for the design of a new symbol. The brief was for a heraldic design, and the prize was won by a young apprentice called Harry Varley who proposed the image of a griffin, a mythical creature depicted on the coat of arms of Fulk le Breant, driving a “V” flag into the ground.

Once the Griffin had been selected, the logo itself proceeded to evolve over the years, with the design becoming progressively simpler.

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