Top Obscure Driving Rules
02 February 2024

Top Obscure Driving Rules

Could you be breaking any of these laws?

We all like to think we are responsible and considerate drivers when it comes to our on-road behaviour. However, it is ever so easy for us to fall fault to an obscure driving rule from time to time.

Here at Thurlow Nunn, we want to alert motorists to some of the most obscure driving rules that you may be unaware you are breaking, no matter how small or random they may seem. Give our list below a read; maybe they will save you any sort of fines or penalty points, as no one wants the hassle of them.

​Did you know?

  •  Sleeping in your car whilst intoxicated carries a minimum of ten penalty points and potentially a fine. This is because, if caught you are required to prove that you had no intention of driving. Instead, we are all advised to spend more money on a hotel. No more glamping out in your car.
  • Forgetting to turn your lights on when driving in the dark can land you a £50 fine. Almost all modern cars are installed with automatic headlights, so there is a low chance of catching anyone driving around in pitch black. See which of our range comes with automatic headlights.
  • Many drivers seem unaware that hogging the middle lane of the motorway risks you a £100 fine and three penalty points. Just a reminder, that the middle and far right lanes of the motorway should only be used for overtaking. Even when you think you’re the only vehicle on the motorway.
  • Despite it being one of the most innocent and pleasant sites out on the road, dogs shouldn’t be sticking their heads out of your vehicle window. Rule 57 of the Highway Code states that your dog should be “suitably restrained” when travelling, to avoid distraction or injury. This means that your dog shouldn’t physically be able to partake in what is no doubt the best part of their car ride.
  • When passing a cyclist on the road, you must leave a distance of at least 1.5 metres, otherwise you can receive a £100 fine and three points on your licence. This law was strengthened in March 2019 and police forces are being encouraged to penalise those who drive dangerously close to cyclists.
  • It may be useful to know that failing to clear snow from your roof can result in a £60 fine and three penalty points. This is due to the risk of any snow falling off and obstructing the view of other drivers.
  • Here is a bizarre one. Paying for food using your phone is an offence under the new mobile phone laws due to the increase in popularity with these services. Performing this act can attract an on-the-spot fine of £200 and up to six penalty points to your licence. If your case goes to court however, your fine can increase up to £1,000.
  • Splashing pedestrians with puddles can land you three points on your licence. This is deemed as ‘driving with due care or consideration’ and ignoring this rule can result in a fine ranging from £100 to £5,000 if your case goes to court. Remember jumping in puddles as a kid? We guess some people just never grew out of it...
  • We all try to be thoughtful in warning other drivers of a mobile speed trap down the road, however, flashing your headlights at another motorist to warn them can attract a minimum fine of £30 if caught. What we may call ‘vigilante justice’, the law interprets as ‘a dangerous practice’. The police can extend this fine up to £1,000 for obstructing an officer’s duty.
    There you have it, some of the most obscure driving rules to be aware of. For more advice from our expert team, get in touch here.