Top 10 driving songs
02 February 2024

Top 10 driving songs

Try our tunes out for size!

Whether you’re an EDM enthusiast, a ballad belter, or jazz junkie; there’s no better feeling than cruising the open road listening to your favourite tunes. If it’s motivation to get you through the daily commute or gearing up for a road trip to an exciting destination, music allows you to unwind and find a sense of peace. Combine this with driving and you’ve found yourself a therapeutic winner.

Sick of the same old songs? Forgotten that all-time classic you used to love? Here’s 10 songs, Thurlow Nunn loves and advises you stick on your car playlist!

George Ezra – Shotgun

Other than the obvious analogy to riding in the front passenger seat, this catchy tune is simply one that everyone will be able to recognise. If you’re looking for a track to please everyone, we’re sure it will go down a treat, being a crowd favourite across the charts.

The Beatles – Ticket to ride

Any trip should involve a little bit of The Beatles. Whether you’re travelling alone or cruising with a passenger or two, this track is sure to get you going when behind the wheel.

The Proclaimers – I’m gonna be (500 miles)

Do you and your passengers love the occasional bit of carpool Karaoke? Regardless of how cheesy or outdated this song may be, it somehow never gets old. In fact, we dare you to listen to it and not bob your head to the beat.

AC/DC – Highway to Hell

Ok, fingers crossed the title to this song isn’t taken too literally. If the destination you’ve punched into your sat-nav is hell, maybe think about making a U-turn… Ignore the title and focus on the legendary guitar riff, we’re confident it’s just what you need to keep boredom at bay.

Limp Bizkit – Rollin’

There’s not many songs that can get the whole car mimicking the famous dance made popular by Fred Durst. This Nu-metal classic is made for driving, is about driving, and should be played while driving. The chorus is easy to remember and you get bonus points for doing the silly dance too.

Deep Purple – Highway Star

One for the dads and rockers everywhere. A true classic to turn to max volume when hitting the motorway.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Ok, so this song has nothing to do with cars or being on the open road, but there really is something undeniable about singing along to this Queen classic with your pals, Wayne’s World style.

Ray Charles – Hit the road Jack

The perfect choice of song for clearing your head when behind the wheel. The anthem to forget about that ex in your life. The songs catchiness and simplicity will have you feeling upbeat in no time.

The Cars – Drive

This 80’s belter really is a track for the true romantic. Not sure what to listen to whilst heading out on a date with your partner? The Cars have you covered. If not, it is better than sitting in silence.

Tracey Chapman – Fast Car

We guarantee this feel good hit will be the perfect track to escape to when behind the wheel of your Vauxhall. Whether this is the first or one thousandth time you are hearing it, you’ll be sure to feel a sense of nostalgia.

Music has the power to change your mood, perk you up and pass the time. It’s really hard to beat a great playlist when driving. Got your own suggestions? Why not let us know what tracks you love to blast from your car windows with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

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