The cost of running electric cars compared to petrol vehicles
03 February 2024

The cost of running electric cars compared to petrol vehicles

The rise of the electric car is one of the major phenomena of modern transportation

The rise of the electric car is one of the major phenomena of modern transportation. As people increasingly seek sustainable ways to travel, the benefits that electric vehicles have are making them a readily available choice for many buyers.

At Thurlow Nunn, we have an excellent range of electric cars, with different models capable of meeting varied requirements and tastes.

We naturally speak to a lot of prospective car buyers as part of what we do, and many are well aware of both the benefits of electric vehicles and the fact that the automotive industry generally is starting to move in this direction.

However, one thing that is front of mind for a lot prospective buyers is cost. Many people will want to compare petrol and electric car running costs before committing either way.

In this blog, we talk you through all you need to know about running an electric car and look at electric car costs comparison against petrol and diesel vehicles.

Buying your electric vehicle

First things first – how much do electric cars cost to buy compared to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles?

We have picked out a few choices from our own range at Thurlow Nunn in order to compare. Of course, different dealerships may have different pricing structures, but this at least shows you what is out there.

To take some examples from our Vauxhall Range, the All-New Corsa is currently available at £19,085, with the electric Corsa-e available for £33,930. The new Mokka is available at £24,510, while the new Mokka-e is available for £38,835.

It is also worth noting that there can be additional costs around installing charging infrastructure for your electric vehicle at your home.

For the time being at least, the cost of buying an electric vehicle is higher than a petrol vehicle. But how do the running costs shape up?Text here ...

Fuelling costs

The way that electric and petrol cars run is their biggest fundamental difference, and also why one is far more environmentally friendly than the other. But whether this is cheaper than using petrol to run a car is a question that many people have.

The cost of electricity and of running a home generally has been in the news a lot of late. But does that translate into more expensive costs for running a car?

The latest EV Recharge Report from The AA for May 2023 showed that the cost when charging an electric vehicle at home is 7.64 pence per mile. This is compared to 13.69 pence per mile for petrol vehicles. 

It should be mentioned however that the cost of charging your EV at fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging points is closer to the cost of petrol in pence per mile. Fast chargers cost 12.36 pence per mile, rapid 14.83 pence per mile, and ultra rapid 15.73.


But a key takeaway here is that while initial purchasing costs may be higher, charging your electric vehicle at home is currently substantially cheaper than filling a car with petrol.

Maintenance and repair costs​

From time to time, every vehicle is going to require a bit of TLC. If you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, then the good news is that they tend to require fewer maintenance checks and repairs.

This is primarily due to the simpler drivetrains that electric vehicles have. But costs can also be saved due to fewer oil changes, lower brake wear and fewer engine maintenance requirements.

And though costs can be lower, it is still important to maintain any electric vehicle properly, and carry out things like battery health checks for example.

Time for a change?​

From 2030, the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK will be banned. This means that whatever your views on electric vehicles at present, this is the way that the automotive industry is going and at some point, everybody will need to move with the times.

The sooner this transition is made, the more accustomed you will become to being an electric vehicle owner and all that that entails.


At Thurlow Nunn, we are proud to provide people seeking new cars with a number of electric and hybrid choices.

We stock many Vauxhall electric vehicles, including the Corsa Electric and Mokka Electric, as well as the Grandland Plugin Hybrid and Astra Plugin Hybrid.

There are also a host of Peugeot electric vehicles available from Thurlow Nunn, including the e-Rifter, e-208 and e-2008, as well as many hybrid vehicle choices. These include the 308 Hybrid, 3008 Hybrid, 408 Hybrid and 508 Hybrid. 

Find your perfect electric vehicle at Thurlow Nunn

We hope you have found this blog to be informative, giving you a better idea of electric car running costs vs petrol or diesel. If you want to discuss electric vehicle purchasing further or book a test drive, then contact your local Thurlow Nunn location today.

We have showrooms across Norfolk, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire, so find your nearest location today.Text here ...