Electric Car Charging Guide
03 February 2024

Electric Car Charging Guide

The rising popularity of electric vehicles is giving people food for thought when it comes to their choice of next car.

Charging times for Electric Vehicles

The rising popularity of electric vehicles is giving people food for thought when it comes to their choice of next car.

And for good reason. There are many positives to ‘going electric’, with fewer greenhouse gases and pollutants emitted, lower fuel costs, and a high-quality driving experience on offer. It is little surprise electric vehicles are becoming the go-to for many new car buyers.

But one of the major areas that people remain unsure about is the charging times that electric vehicles require. Because we are so accustomed to filling our tanks with petrol, breaking away from this and running a car in a completely different way can feel daunting.

It is therefore only natural to want as much information about electric car charging as possible when considering your choice of new car.

The latest Thurlow Nunn blog explains what you need to know about electric vehicle charging.

Types of Electric Vehicle Charging

One of the main things to know about electric vehicle charging is that there are different types of chargers available. Level 1, Level 2 and DC fast chargers offer different speeds at which you will be able to replenish your vehicle’s battery.

Most electric vehicles come with a Level 1 charger as standard, and these can be plugged into any ordinary 120V outlet. This means you can start electric car charging at home from the get-go.

Level 1 chargers deliver approximately 4-5 miles of range per hour of charge. So for an electric car charging time of around 10 hours, or a night’s charging, you can get around 50 miles of range in your vehicle. This should cover most people’s commute, for example.

Level 2 chargers can get an electric vehicle’s charge up significantly faster than a Level 1 charger. These chargers need to be installed by a specialist if being put into your home. But once in place, Level 2 chargers can deliver approximately 32 miles of range per hour. This means a few hours of charging can give you plenty of mileage.

DC fast chargers are sometimes referred to as Level 3, rapid or ultra-fast charging. These chargers use direct current (hence the name DC) to charge, and are the kind of charger you are likely to find at a public location such as a service station. With a DC fast charger, you can get up to 80% of your full charge in just 30 minutes.


It should be noted however that there are various factors that can affect charging times. These include battery size, the temperature and the state of charge.

An Electric Future


With different options available, the world of electric vehicle charging is already in a healthy place. But it is important to note that the rise in popularity of electric vehicles means that the infrastructure and technology around electric vehicle charging is only going to become stronger.

With consistent efforts to find sustainable transport options and electric vehicles proving a popular choice over traditional petrol vehicles at present, it is fair to assume that electric vehicle charging will reach new levels of excellence and convenience over the coming years.

The Electric range from Thurlow Nunn

We are proud to deliver an excellent collection of electric vehicles to our customers here at Thurlow Nunn. Selling these vehicles has enabled us to become well versed on topics such as electric vehicle charging times. We can shed light on the specifics involved with the vehicles we stock.


Vauxhall Range​

Our new Vauxhall Electric Cars are proving hugely popular at present, with an array of options available from Thurlow Nunn. One central reason for this is the distances that can be covered on a single charge. The All-New Electric Corsa for example has a range of 209 miles without recharging, while the All-New Mokka Electric has a range of 201 miles.

As well as the Vauxhall electric cars for sale at Thurlow Nunn, there are also new Vauxhall Electric Vans available. Our range includes the Vauxhall Combo Electric, which has a maximum range of 171 miles, while the new Vivaro Electric has a range of 205 miles.

This all means that with a strong charging set up in place, it is possible to enjoy plenty of smooth journeys with one of our Vauxhall electric vehicles.

Peugeot Range

We also have a superb range of Peugeot electric cars for sale, including the Peugeot e-208, e-2008 and e-rifter.


There are plenty of choices available from within the Thurlow Nunn electric range. So if an electric car sounds like something you would like to invest in, look no further.

Join the electric revolution at Thurlow Nunn

Ultimately, electric charging times depend on the charger you have available. What should be front and centre of your mind however is that charging electric vehicles is not something that should put you off making such an investment. This is the way the world is going, and the ease with which you will be able to charge your electric vehicle moving forward is only going to increase.

There are a number of top quality electric vehicles available at Thurlow Nunn. Not only can our team talk you through the specifics of each of our models, but we can also answer any questions you may have related to running an electric vehicle.


You can visit one of our showrooms to take a look at our electric vehicles up close, and start the process of becoming an electric vehicle owner.