Be Exclusive - Be You
02 February 2024

Be Exclusive - Be You

Create and customise your car with Vauxhall Exclusive

The clothes you wear can reveal a lot about a person - as can the music you listen to, the TV shows you watch, even the pets you own.

But if you want real insight into a person’s character you should look no further than their car. Extensive research suggests the colour of someone’s wheels goes a long way to defining their personality. From black (power & control) and red (attention-seeking) to yellow (young at heart), colours have long been considered the easiest and most appropriate way to showcase one’s true self.

But why stop at colours?

In the UK most people take great pride in their cars as they are the most visible and obvious reflection of the kind of individuals they are. Psychologists will tell you that if you drive a convertible then people will assume you are energetic, active and outdoorsy.

The personality of the vehicle is just as important as the personality of the buyer. So when it comes to aesthetics, the colour of your car really is a window into your world.

When you buy a car you’re not just investing in a mode of transport, you’re unveiling an ego – either the one you already have that people see every day, or the one you don’t show – an alter-ego – one created to give you the sense of freedom and control you don’t have. It’s pure unadulterated escapism.

Sure you want a car that’s economical and safe and strong, a car that will see you from A to B and back again for the next few years, but your car is ultimately how the world sees you.

Studies suggest the modern British motorist will, during their lifetime, spend almost 30,000 hours behind the wheel of a car. Just reflect on that for a moment… that’s the equivalent of nearly four years of your life sat in the driver’s seat of a car!

Is it any wonder you want your vehicle to look and feel good; you need it to! This is why your car becomes an integral part of your life and your identity. Because you spend so much time in your car it is only natural that other people’s perceptions of you are shaped according to your wheels. Your car is a shiny, metal, plastic, rubber, glass version of you. And just as you feel compelled to decorate your house in order to impress your personality upon your neighbours, friends, family and visitors, so your car also needs to be a statement of intent on the real you.

When your car is seen by others, then you too are seen so how your car looks and how it is designed becomes, perhaps, the most important fashion accessory you’ll ever own. That’s why we really should be investing the time and energy into making sure our car represents us in the best way possible. When you customise your car you are, in the most unique of ways, revealing your identity.

Vauxhall Insignia Exclusive

So, here at Thurlow Nunn, we are proud to offer the Vauxhall Exclusive on the Insignia Grand Sport GSi or Sports Tourer GSi. Design now has no limits thanks to Vauxhall Exclusive, and imagination puts you firmly in the driving seat. It’s where you can create and customise the car that’s really YOU.

The Vauxhall Exclusive allows you to define every aspect of your personality and put it on your wheels. It goes far beyond colour. You can personalise to match the colour of your favourite football team, or even co-ordinate with your favourite handbag. With Vauxhall Exclusive, everything and anything is possible. The beautiful can become dynamic and the artful can become passion.

Your car will reflect the very best of you, whatever you want to share with the world, Vauxhall Exclusive can show everyone what you’re made of and create a driving experience that will define what it feels like to be free – to be completely you.

There are millions of colours available, what do you want yours to say about you? This is where you can set the tone without saying a single word. Once you’ve created your own unique colour you can then get to work on customising your design to configure your Insignia exactly how you want it so it is exclusively all you.

You can also combine luxury with artistry with the leather interior you desire on your Insignia. This is where Earthy colours and tasteful stitching can be matched with premium materials which automatically adapt to your body, giving you unrivalled style and comfort. It’s all in the detail so make sure your décor brings your essence to life.

And once complete, you can experience your dream vehicle from all angles with the Vauxhall Exclusive augmented reality App that brings your subconscious self to life in stunning 3D.

Take the Wheel

Set the wheels in motion for the car of your dreams and find out how Vauxhall Exclusive can turn fantasy into reality – to get in touch with the team at Thurlow Nunn, click here. Alternatively, click here and discover how dreams really do come true.