Vauxhall Unveils The Future
02 February 2024

Vauxhall Unveils The Future

Core British values at heart of redesign

The conclusiveness of the past, the uncertainty of the future. It’s much easier to look back than it is to look forward. When you reflect you are assured of feelings and experiences that you can absorb and relive, over and over and over, if you want to. But when you look out to what’s in front of you, there is no such certainty. You can imagine all you want, and want all you can imagine but your questions have no answers – even though you are the author.

Either you embrace the future or you fear it. That’s what sets Vauxhall apart; using the successes and lessons of the past to shape the solutions and achievements of the tomorrow. Say 2020 out loud and many people still conjure images of science-fiction. But it’s almost there and they’re getting ready to prepare you.

The Vauxhall brand is being refreshed with a new concept that will illustrate and define the next decade. Vauxhall’s core values – British, ingenious, progressive, and approachable – will remain the driving force to provide a template for the future design and production of our cars. Before the end of 2018 the GT X Experimental will tease you a glimpse of the look and feel of tomorrow’s Vauxhall motorcar.​

This concept car adheres to Vauxhall’s new Compass which will instruct the front design of future models. The main feature of the compass is two prominent axes that dissect the Griffin emblem. On the one hand, this is the characteristic centre crease on the bonnet and on the other, the wing-shaped daytime running light signature. The Griffin forms the focal point of the design and presents a confident identity. 

The headlights, daytime running lights, the cameras and sensors of the assistance systems, along with the Griffin, are framed and protected by a unique design element which is reminiscent of the eye slot of a motorbike helmet. It is called Visor and will give future Vauxhall models a pure and distinctive bold new face.

Vice President of Design for Vauxhall, Mark Adams, said: “Design will be at the heart of everything that Vauxhall does in the future.​

“Our aim is to truly differentiate the Vauxhall brand, make it sharper and more relevant to our core values. We are a proud British brand that is inspired by design.”

The Vauxhall brand has become an integral part of British motoring life, so this concept has huge responsibility to sustain our success into the future. Not only will the GT X Experimental be the first vehicle to feature the new Vauxhall face, it will unveil the ideas behind the automotive technology set to launch us all into an exciting new era of driving.

The Vauxhall GT X Experimental is a five-door, all-electric, coupe-style compact SUV that measures just 4.06m in length. Bristling with fresh innovation and showcasing how Vauxhall’s production-vehicle design will evolve in coming years, this concept car is a bold and assertive statement of intent.

Stephen Norman, Vauxhall’s Group Managing Director, said: “Vauxhall makes great cars and people buy them because of their value, approachability, ingenuity and progressiveness.

The GT X Experimental offers spacious, unobstructed access thanks to rear-hinged rear doors - all four of them opening to 90 degrees. Its sweeping panoramic windscreen/roof reaches back over the rear seats to further enhance the car’s sense of freedom.

“The Vauxhall GT X Experimental embodies the spirit of our core brand values,” adds Mark.

“It’s an approachable concept that people can identify with. It confidently combines a pure and bold design execution with progressive technology that makes life easier. Clearly, this vehicle signals a very exciting future for the brand.”

The years that are lying in wait for us are stacked with opportunity and potential. Vauxhall aims to steer you to where you’ve never been before.

See you tomorrow.

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