Rollcall: Vauxhall Reveals New Movano
02 February 2024

Rollcall: Vauxhall Reveals New Movano

Check out the first images and details ahead of its summer launch!

Here at Thurlow Nunn, we know how important your van is to you and your business. In fact, the latest government data and SMMT figures has revealed that 3.4 million workers could not do their job without a van*, and 500,000 people also list driving as their main occupation, contributing a £56 billion boost to the UK economy from wages alone. Not only that, our love of online shopping has also enhanced the van sector, with a hefty 83 per cent of us having bought something online.

So, here at Thurlow Nunn, we are striving to help local businesses and van users stay mobile safely, efficiently and more comfortably, with the exciting announcement of the New Movano.

Available this September, the brand New Movano is priced to start at £27,745 and has had large developments made to its safety and connectivity features.

Safety is a top priority

With the safety of both the driver and other road users a vital factor, a rear vision camera system, available for the first time on the Movano, gives the driver a live feed to a seven-inch touchscreen, providing optimum visibility helping to detect cyclists and pedestrians. Also new to the commercial vehicle is a blind spot monitoring system, which uses ultrasonic sensors to detect objects and alerts the driver with LED indicators in the corresponding mirror.

As well as being stylish and versatile, the new Vauxhall Movano also features a lane departure warning system. When a driver strays from their lane, an audible alarm will sound to alert the driver and prompt them back on track. In addition, the Movano features a Side-Wind Assistant, ensuring the van remains planted to the road in high winds. In such conditions, the Electronic Stability Programme is automatically activated to improve handling.

As the number of self-employed workers continues to grow, it is increasingly important for staff and companies to find a van that matches their business needs. As the largest vehicle in the Vauxhall portfolio, the Movano is available in four different lengths and three heights, carrying a maximum load of up to 2110kg of cargo.

Comfort and practicality

Inside the cabin of the New Movano, the multi-adjustable seats are comfortable and supportive, with the optional comfort seats for the driver and passengers offering adjustable lumbar support. The vehicle can also be ordered with an air-cushioned driver’s seat, perfect for long journeys over bumpy surfaces. For added convenience in the cargo area, LED lighting makes the Movano easy to use, even in dark conditions, while new handles on the sidewalls and pillars further improve convenience.

In addition, behind the wheel, drivers will benefit from excellent connectivity and entertainment features thanks to the Navi 5.0 IntelliLink Pro infotainment system, which is available for the first time on New Movano. Drivers will be able to enjoy features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The New Movano is instantly recognisable as a Vauxhall van. Its stylishly-integrated LED daytime running lights that run into the chrome grille brings the brand’s largest van more in line the smaller Combo and Vivaro models.

Available later this summer, orders banks are open now. For more information on the New Movano, or any other commercial vehicles in the Vauxhall range, get in touch with our expert team here.