26 years and counting for our Corsa
02 February 2024

26 years and counting for our Corsa

The long and proud tradition of the UK's favourite supermini

The Corsa is not just one of Vauxhall’s best selling cars, it’s also one of the UK’s favourite vehicles.

As we eagerly await the arrival of an all-new, fifth generation Corsa next year, here at Thurlow Nunn we are taking a look back at the strong heritage of a much-loved car that has always combined high efficiency, lively performance and a fun driving experience.

First Generation Corsa (1993)

The Corsa first hit the forecourts when we were still seven years away from the new millennium, and at a time when even the World Wide Web was a work in progress. Replacing the previous Nova model, the Corsa was Vauxhall’s supermini that introduced power steering, anti-locks and even a car alarm to its class.

Second Generation Corsa (2000)

After a number of very successful years, the second generation Corsa arrived. Already firmly established within the supermini segment and the car of choice for many new drivers, the Corsa had a strong following. Vauxhall capitalised on this popularity and introduced evolutionary changes to the car. These subtle developments teamed with class-leading technology, such as the Easytronic gear change, made the new Corsa an instant success, cementing the car’s position as one of the UK’s best-selling superminis.

Third Generation Corsa (2006)

2006 marked the arrival of the third generation of the Corsa, which was bigger and more grown up than its predecessor. Its longer and wider dimensions gave the car a more powerful and sporty appearance, which was enhanced by the 15 and 17 inch wheel options available. Wheels in these proportions would previously have been considered large for a supermini and more commonly found on models two segments above the Corsa.

Fourth Generation Corsa (2014)

The latest generation, which launched in 2014 is vastly different to previous models in terms of its design and engineering. Aside from its length and the vast space it offers, every other design element was reviewed to deliver improved drivability, efficiency and connectivity.

The latest Corsa focuses on enhanced comfort and safety whilst the new body panels heighten the Corsa’s sporty looks. Corsa customers have a choice of several trims, including the Energy and the Limited Edition. The Corsa Energy offers electrically heated front seats and steering wheel, rain-sensitive window wipers, heated windscreen and IntelliLink system as standard. While the Limited Edition boasts the VX-line exterior styling pack, 17 inch Gloss black alloy wheels, black roof and door mirror housings.

Fifth Generation Corsa (2020)

And we now anticipate the fifth generation Vauxhall Corsa which is available to order now, and will be in our showroom in 2020. It will be lighter, more powerful, more efficient and more fun than ever before.

The new Corsa offers reduced fuel consumption, flexibility and refinement as the key characteristics of all model options with every variant of the Corsa range emitting less CO2 than all previous models. And customers in the market for an all-electric version will be delighted that they can now also opt for the new Corsa-e.

The new Corsa takes care of everything, with advanced driver assistance systems, infotainment and connectivity as standard. Front collision warning with automatic braking and pedestrian detection, intelligent speed control and limiter, lane keep assist and traffic sign recognition, are the highlights of a supermini that has safety as its number one priority.

A range of new infotainment systems made up of Multimedia Radio, Multimedia Navi with 7.0-inch and 10.0-inch colour touchscreens and a new telematics service, means drivers can make even the longest journey more enjoyable.

The new Corsa also weighs up to 108kg less than previous models, resulting in improved performance, handling and efficiency for all models, including the Corsa-e. But while around 10% of weight has been shed, there has been zero compromise on size and internal space.

And the all-new Corsa will be the first car in its class to feature adaptive, glare-free full-LED headlights. Previously seen on the Astra and Insignia models, the pioneering glare-free lighting called IntelliLux LED Matrix is standard Corsa technology usually only found on premium cars.

The Corsa has a long and proud tradition. It is a much-loved car and has been purchased in droves by drivers who desire a supermini that offers performance, efficiency and fun all rolled into one.

The model has never stood still over its 26-year journey, and the introduction of the fifth generation version means the brilliant Corsa is poised to maintain a special place in the hearts of countless drivers.

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