MG Fleet Cars


If your business or organisation is looking to invest in a fleet of cars or upgrade your current fleet, then MG offers a reliable, affordable and trustworthy option.

MG cars deliver modern features, advanced technology and excellent safety options, enhancing the value proposition for your business and your employees.

At Thurlow Nunn, we are pleased to offer MG company cars and fleet cars, helping your business take advantage of the excellent MG offering and allowing you to operate in the way you want.

​What are fleet cars?

Any business or organisation may wish to have a dedicated fleet of MG vehicles at their disposal in order to enhance their operational efficiency.

Whether required to move goods, deliver services or transport staff, owning fleet cars as a business can prove advantageous and lead to productivity improvements and heightened levels of customer service.

Owning a fleet of vehicles can bring a level of flexibility to any business, with vehicle deployments made according to demand.

And with the opportunity to brand with your company’s logo and colours, fleet vehicles can become a form of mobile advertising, helping to boost your company’s visibility and get your name out there.

The MG range at Thurlow Nunn





Choose MG Fleet Cars from Thurlow Nunn

The MG range’s stylish designs allow these cars to stand out from the crowd and become a firm favourite with your employees.

We at Thurlow Nunn stock a host of outstanding electric, hybrid and petrol vehicles from MG – all of which are available as fleet vehicles.

This means you can create an environmentally-friendly fleet by investing in MG vehicles from Thurlow Nunn.


Discuss your options with Thurlow Nunn

Thurlow Nunn is pleased to offer a number of excellent financing options for customers seeking MG fleet cars.