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Motability Adaptations from Thurlow Nunn

As a Motability Scheme user you can lease a car that has been adapted for your exact needs. These changes help you to drive safely, in comfort, and enhance your motoring experience. We can help you to decide which adaptations will be needed, and then arrange for the modifications to be made through our many industry partnerships.

What types of adaptations are available?

The Motability Scheme splits adaptations into three categories: driving, stowage and access.

  • Driving adaptations allow you to drive safely and stay comfortable at the wheel through features such as electronic accelerators, steering aids, and remote control devices.
  • Stowage adaptations help you to hoist your wheelchair into the boot or store it on the car’s roof if you need the boot for other items.
  • Access adaptations help you to quickly move in and out of the cabin. Changes include transfer plates, swivel seats and electronic hoists.

Will there be an extra cost?

Many adaptations are covered by your lease payment, meaning there won’t be any additional cost. However, this will depend on the specific modifications you require. You should speak to a Motability specialist to discuss which adaptations are needed before setting a budget for your Motability car.

Find out more with Thurlow Nunn...

Thurlow Nunn is here to help with every stage of the adaptations process. Please get in touch with your nearest dealership to speak to one of our Motability advisers about changes to your car and anything else related to the Scheme.