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Vauxhall Electric Streets

From 2030, the sale of new petrol vehicles will cease in the UK. The world of transportation is going electric, and we at Thurlow Nunn are proud to contribute to this through our selection of Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

Though sales of these types of vehicles are increasing significantly year-on-year, many potential buyers are being put off investing in an electric vehicle by the lack of charging facilities available to them. People living in homes with no off-street parking for example are unlikely to be able to charge an electric or hybrid vehicle with ease at present.

Addressing these challenges is what the new Electric Streets campaign from Vauxhall aims to do.

As one of the UK’s leading Vauxhall dealers, we at Thurlow Nunn are proud to support Electric Streets and are aiming to help more and more people convert to electric and hybrid vehicle ownership.

Electric Charging in Britain

Charging accessibility is such a barrier to electric vehicle purchasing that motorists without the ability to charge at home are five times less likely to make the switch to electric .

This problem is confounded by the fact that around 40% of UK households do not have access to off-street parking . This is preventing such homeowners from easily charging a vehicle at home, with millions of people affected. Research from Vauxhall has found that 70% of UK councils are yet to publish a strategy for the installation of on-street charging in their area. What’s more, 69% of councils are yet to install a single on-street charging point . It is with the aim of addressing these problems that Vauxhall has established the Electric Streets campaign.

Electric car charging

How does Electric Streets work?

Vauxhall’s Electric Streets campaign will encourage local authorities and charge point operators to accelerate the installation and adoption of this vital infrastructure across the UK.The campaign aims to achieve this through two main channels. The first is through the Electric Streets web platform. This allows members of the public to identify the need for on-street residential charging in their local area. The data acquired through this channel will be published by Vauxhall and used to support councils and charge point operators in prioritising electric charging points investment where the highest demand exists.

The second is through an enablement fund, which is accessible to leading charge point operators. This fund can be used to help educate councils on the need for street charging facilities and encourage more installations.

Working with Partners

Vauxhall has forged partnerships with leading charge point operators such as, Connected Kerb and SureCharge as part of the Electric Streets campaign.

These operators will be able to access funding from Vauxhall in order to educate councils and local authorities on how best to roll out electric charging infrastructure.​

How you can help

Vauxhall has put together a database that allows all motorists to register an interest in having an electric charging station on their street.

The data collected will be shared with councils to indicate the levels of demand in their local area and ensure investment is made in the right places.

Do not worry if you are not currently the owner of an electric or hybrid vehicle. You are still able to complete the form and contribute to this campaign to enable more electric vehicle charging stations across the UK.

Click here to complete the form.

To find out more about the Electric Streets campaign from Vauxhall, visit their dedicated webpage.