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All makes servicing at Thurlow Nunn We've made booking your next Service or MOT at Thurlow Nunn easy! You can complete our quick and convenient online booking form via one of the jumps, below or call us on 01603 513 787. Our services start from as little as £149 plus you can get 1 year FREE comprehensive RAC cover when you get your vehicle serviced with us! Furthermore, book your MOT for just £45.


We have made booking your next Vauxhall service or MOT at Thurlow Nunn easy! You can complete our quick and convenient online booking form here or call us on 01603 513 787.

Our Vauxhall servicing prices start from as little as £149. Plus you can get 1 year of FREE comprehensive RAC cover when you get your vehicle serviced with us! Additionally, you can book your MOT for just £45.

The benefits of regular servicing

Regularly servicing your vehicle offers numerous benefits to car owners. A service can ensure critical components like brakes, tires and suspension are all working as they should be. This maximises your safety on the road and lessens the chances of accidents or breakdowns.

Any potential issues can also be identified and addressed more swiftly, helping to prevent larger issues arising with a greater cost of repair.

The servicing of vehicles also includes tasks like engine tuning, oil changes, and filter replacements. This can boost the performance of your vehicle and enhance its fuel efficiency. This leads to a smoother driving experience and reduced running costs.

Other benefits of regular servicing include an extended lifespan for your vehicle and the maintenance of resale value. So don’t miss out! Book a full service for your car at Thurlow Nunn today.

Have your MOT performed by trusted professionals

When you have an MOT approaching, it is important to choose a business you trust and which has a strong reputation to carry it out.

At Thurlow Nunn, we have qualified and experienced technicians who understand the intricacies of the MOT test. Our team has the required knowledge and skills to thoroughly inspect your vehicle, identify potential issues, and accurately assess its roadworthiness.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and adherence to regulations. This includes an in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements needed for a successful car MOT.

Thurlow Nunn will also provide you with a detailed report on your vehicle’s condition, as well as adhering to the legal compliance and documentation requirements associated with MOTs.

Vauxhall Servicing across the East of England

The Thurlow Nunn team has a particular level of expertise when it comes to Vauxhall vehicles. This means that our Vauxhall servicing is second to none.

Whether you are seeking Vauxhall servicing in Norwich, a car service in Luton, or a Vauxhall service in Milton Keynes, the Thurlow Nunn team is available to help. We have locations across the East of England, enabling you to easily entrust our specialists with your vehicle and get the top quality service you need.

We also conduct MOTs on Vauxhall vehicles, so if you need an MOT, look no further.