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Vauxhall Service Club

Join this Black Friday to reap the rewards of the Vauxhall Service Club. Vauxhall's Service Club is just one of the many advantages you'll receive when you choose Thurlow Nunn. It's free to join up to the Club, and doing so means that you can receive savings of up to 25% on servicing and repairs, along with half-price MOTs. The only eligibility requirement is that your Vauxhall is over two years old.

​Happy 2nd Birthday!

Has your Vauxhall just turned 2? Do you own a Vauxhall older than 2 years? If so, then you're legible to join the official Vauxhall Service Club. Members receive exclusive discounts.  ​

​No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs to join the service club, it's free to join so long as you have owned your Vauxhall over 2 years. 

Peace of Mind

When you join the Vauxhall Service club, you'll have peace of mind that your vehicle is always serviced and maintained by an officially Vauxhall trained technician with a wealth of knowledge.

​Save on your annual MOT

MOT's are not only a legal requirement, but something that can be quite expensive if the date takes you by surprise! ​If you join the Vauxhall Service you'll be legible for half price MOT's. 

​Only the best for your Vauxhall

We only use genuine Vauxhall ​approve parts, but when you join the Service Club, you automatically receive a discount on these as well as any labour cost incurred. 

Saving you money where it really matters

Unlike an MOT, a service is not a legal requirement. However, to ensure you prevent any damage to your vehicle and spot potential problems early on, it is highly advisable to have your vehicle serviced regularly. If you join the Vauxhall Service Club you can save up to 25% on your service*.

Join today and you'll receive these benefits immediately*. Our manufacturer-trained specialists will be waiting to assist you through regular servicing and annual MOT testing, as well as in the unlikely event of breakdowns and accidents. All the parts used during servicing are genuine, ensuring the longevity and safety of any repairs made to your vehicle.

Vehicle AgeDiscount Available
2 - 3 years 15% on servicing & repairs only
3 + years 25% on servicing & repairs only
50% off MOT's

The Service Club represents the brand's commitment to providing value for money and reducing your Vauxhall's running costs. You can join for free today by clicking here or, alternatively contact us by phone or in person to learn more.

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Terms and Conditions

*Service Club servicing & repairs discounts; 15% for vehicles 2-3 years, 25% for vehicles 3 years plus. Half-price MOT test (UK mainland only – excluding Northern Ireland). Free pre-MOT test inspection for customers in Northern Ireland only. Members are entitled to discount on labour and only genuine Vauxhall parts. Parts only purchases excluded. Go to to see full Vauxhall Service Club exclusions. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Offers apply to genuine Vauxhall service, MOT and repair work on your UK registered Vauxhall at participating Retailers only. Vauxhall Motors Limited t/a Vauxhall reserves the right to modify the terms of this promotion at Vauxhall's discretion at any time.