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Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee at Thurlow Nunn

We know you understand the importance of relying on your vehicle to stop safely and on command, but are brake pads as the top of your list when considering the overall health of your vehicle? It is extremely important not to underestimate the condition of your brake pads for your safety, and others.

Here at Thurlow Nunn we want to remove any worry or concerns you might have about your brake pads and ensure there are no unexpected costs to maintain the safety of your car. That's why we are offering you our lifetime brake par guarantee* when you purchase new brake pads from us. We want to remove the hassle around maintaining your vehicle's brakes and make it easier for you to manage in the future.

Simply bring your car to your local Thurlow Nunn and get your brake pads replaced and fitted by our fully Vauxhall trained technicians and you'll receive the Thurlow Nunn Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee!

If you have any questions, or would like to know more, click the button below and a member of our aftercare team will be in touch.

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​Purchase Brand New Brake Pads at Thurlow Nunn

You can purchase brand new brake pads at Thurlow Nunn to qualify for the lifetime guarantee. Our parts and accessories aftercare team will be able to assist you with this. ​

​Fitted by our Fully Trained Vauxhall Technicians

You can rest assured that your new brake pads will be fitted by our fully trained Vauxhall technicians. They will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Your brand new brake pads come with Thurlow Nunn Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee! Another motoring worry made hassle free by Thurlow Nunn, just for you!

Brake Pads Need Replacing?

No worries, with our Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee, all you'll need to do is bring your car into your local Thurlow Nunn branch with proof of purchase (this needs to be the original receipt and paperwork for the initial fitting) and we will replace and fit you new brake pads - for FREE!


Great news, your lifetime brake pad guarantee is transferable^! If you go onto purchase a different vehicle from us you'll still be able to claim the rewards of your lifetime brake pad guarantee! 

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

*How it works

  • Thurlow Nunn Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee is available on all types of car and 4x4 vehicles (not vans or commercial vehicles).
  • Any brake pads replaced as either part of a disc & pad replacement or just brake pad replacement are included in the Thurlow Nunn brake pad guarantee, and are automatically enrolled in the lifetime brake pad guarantee
  • You should buy and have fitted the first set of brake pads from your local Thurlow Nunn branch at retail price (including any discount that may be available at the time). This will automatically start your lifetime replacement offer.
  • You must carry out all other brake repairs (to brake discs, drums, cables and hydraulics) found during an inspection or service within 10 days to continue to claim the free replacement.
  • We must carry out all brake pad replacements due if you want to take advantage of the lifetime guarantee.
  • We will replace brake pads when they get to the minimum acceptable level as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • You must bring with you your initial invoice and details of any other brake repairs carried out if you want free brake pads under the lifetime guarantee.
  • The Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee is not transferable between Thurlow Nunn outlets, i.e. if the initial brake pads are changed at your local Thurlow Nunn outlet, all resulting replacements must also be completed at the same Thurlow Nunn outlet.
  • Thurlow Nunn reserve the right to fit either original equipment parts or parts supplied by an original equipment manufacturer


  • The Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee only covers brake pads and therefore excludes:
    • Calipers, carriers, slider pins, brake discs, brake shoes, wear indicator sensors or wires and all other related items
    • pads for ceramic brakes.
    • Bake pads for performance vehicles including but not limited to VXR, GSI or GTI
  • The Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee is not available for vehicles owned or leased by a company or driving school, or contract hire or rental vehicles (including taxis) and vehicles used for commercial purposes, track days or competitive sports.
  • The free replacement pads only apply to the front or rear set that were originally changed. If both sets were changed it applies to both sets.
  • The Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee is covered by a fair-use policy and may be withdrawn if there is regular, excessive wear, or you regularly bring in many different vehicles.
  • If there is a dispute, the decision of the directors of Thurlow Nunn is final.

^Transferring your Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee

  • Transference is only available when purchasing the replacement vehicle from a Thurlow Nunn outlet
  • Please ensure when completing your vehicle purchase your sales consultant is made aware you wish to transfer your Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee to your new vehicle