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Through the Vauxhall Associate Partner scheme, you and your family can save money on a great range of models. In conjunction with other offers through Thurlow Nunn, drivers could save a significant amount on their new car of choice. If you are an employee of an Associate Partner in Vauxhall’s scheme, or if you’re a member of an organisation, you can benefit from a discounted Vauxhall car.

There are discounts for every driver in your family. Those eligible include: partners or spouse, children and step-children, siblings and step-siblings, and parents and step-parents.

Choose from the majority of new Vauxhall models, buying up to six cars over a 12-month period. Relatives of those in the Partners’ scheme receive the same discounts as those registered and you can also increase your discount by using your GM card. As well as the discount, other offers like zero percent on finance and deposits also stand.

Many people qualify for the Partners’ discount. Through Thurlow Nunn, you can access an extensive list of over 350 Vauxhall Associate Partners, Companies and Organisations to find out which ones provide the offer. Whether you work for the Armed Forces, are a member of Unison, or an employee with a large UK company such Tesco or BT, you can qualify.

Browse our new Vauxhall car pages to have a look at our current offers, then simply fill out your details to receive the discount. Registering for a discount is easy, and we can even arrange it for you over the phone.

For more information, or to find out if you qualify, contact us today. Give us a ring, use our online live chat system, or enquire online using the form.

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