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SPOTiCAR, Used Cars

SPOTiCAR is the UK's largest network of approved used Vauxhall's.

All our SPOTiCAR vehicles will still be manufacturer-approved and thoroughly checked by our expert technicians. You'll still receive a 12 month warranty and roadside assistance, plus all the other perks of driving a SPOTiCAR approved used Vauxhall.

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1 Year Warranty

Reliability concerns? With SPOTiCAR, you know you’re covered if anything goes wrong. Our vehicles come with a minimum one-year warranty. Those less than two years old retain their manufacturer warranty. This comprehensive cover will take you through until the vehicle is three years old or has done 60,000 miles.

1 Year Roadside Assistance

Our Roadside Assistance package (provided by the RAC), guarantees you a year of cover if your journey doesn’t go so well. This includes: 

  • ​Roadside Recovery
  • Onward Travel
  • Home Start
  • Tyre Related Incidents​

SPOTiCAR Multi-Point Check

Meeting our technicians’ high standards isn’t so easy. Each SPOTiCAR vehicle undergoes a multi-point check by experienced Vauxhall staff before it can achieve that exclusive status.

After our testers examine everything from carpets to coolant, you can drive away with confidence. The SPOTiCAR Multi-Point check includes:

  • ​​All major mechanical component
  • All vital safety and security checks
  • A rigorous test drive
  • Inspection of interior and exterior
  • Final vehicle preparation

SPOTiCAR Ownership Promise

Isn’t it nice to know what you’re getting? know exactly what you're getting. Vauxhall’s Ownership Promise ensures no unpleasant surprises after you buy a SPOTiCAR model

The Ownership Promise includes:

  • ​A mileage check
  • Background checks
  • Checks against the stolen vehicles database
  • Inspections for outstanding finance agreements
  • Examining our recall register for any recalled parts (Vauxhall models only)

Free Accident Management

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being involved in an accident, the Vauxhall Accident Management Service is there for you. Your insurer will be contacted directly to deal with all the necessaries such as the recovery, repair and return of your vehicle.

Service Club

All buyers of SPOTiCAR Vauxhall vehicles will be able to sign up for Vauxhall Service Club. By joining, they become eligible for:

  • Discounts on servicing and repairs (15% for 2-3 year old vehicles, 25% for those over three years old)
  • 50% off the cost of MOTs

How’s that for service?

Free to go Insurance

Ever wished you had just a couple more days to fill out the necessary paperwork? With SPOTiCAR you get those couple of days, thanks to our free five-day insurance policy. This is a standard part of our SPOTiCAR Guarantee.

30 Day Exchange Pledge

We trust in our cars to never let you down, but even we’re not perfect (believe it or not).

There isn’t much of a chance that your SPOTiCAR model will develop an irreparable fault in the first 30 days after your purchase. But if this does happen, your retailer will exchange it for a SPOTiCAR vehicle of equal value. It’s all part of our drive to provide customer satisfaction – even when things go wrong.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

*All warranties have a 100,000 miles limit. SPOTiCAR warranties are available on selected vehicles and at participating retailers only. SPOTiCAR warranties provide 'all mechanical, all electrical component' coverage. Vehicles that are over 2 years old, under 7 years old and have less than 70,000 miles at date of purchase will receive a minimum 1 year warranty. For vehicles that are between 2 and 3 years old this will be made up by the remaining part of the Vauxhall manufacturer warranty topped up with SPOTiCAR warranty to give 1 year coverage. **If your vehicle is less than a year old, any time remaining of first year's roadside assistance is deferred, so you get the remaining time plus another year. † Vauxhall vehicles only. Terms and conditions apply.

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