Celebrating MG’s 100th Anniversary at Thurlow Nunn!


When starting a business, it’s hard to look 100 years into the future and imagine it being a British institution.

But 100 years ago, William Morris founded Morris Garages, and as they say, the rest is history.

Thurlow Nunn is proud to offer the latest MG cars from our King’s Lynn dealership, with a host of outstanding models offering the very latest automotive technology.

Our range includes the best MG new cars and used vehicles, giving buyers plenty of options to select from.

We are also proud to be affiliated with an automotive organisation of such esteem and history. Seeing as 2024 marks MG’s birthday, here we take a look back at the MG story and what makes this brand so important.

The early days of MG

The world was a very different place 100 years ago, but William Morris and the general manager of Morris Garages, Cecil Kimber, were very much at the forefront of motoring in the UK at the time.

Kimber is credited with having the idea to create speedier, sportier looking motor cars, and set about taking the existing Morris Garages cars and making the enhancements he envisaged.

For a number of years, Kimber looked to rebody and tune up existing Morris Garages cars. Then in 1930, the first MG vehicle was released.

This was the 14/28 Super Sports model. This could reach speeds of up to 65mph, which was remarkable for the time.


Pushing the boundaries

Throughout the 1930s, MG pushed the boundaries of automotive, becoming popular with racing drivers of the age and even setting land speed records.

In 1931, the MG EX120 – commonly referred to as the ‘The Magic Midget’ – was the first 750cc car to break the 100mph barrier. In fact, it reached a top speed of 103.13mph.

MG’s reputation in the world of motor racing only grew throughout the 1930s. In 1933, an MG vehicle was used to win the famous Mille Miglia race in Italy. This open road, motorsport endurance race was regarded as being particularly tough. In 1933, a supercharged MG Magnette driven by the pairs of Earl Howe and Hugh Hamilton, George Eyston and Count Lurani, and Henry Birkin and Bernard Rubi, triumphed in this celebrated race.

Racing and Record Breaking

The 1940s and 1950s saw MG become a truly established name in the automotive world. British driver Ken Miles got behind the wheel of ‘The Flying Shingle’ – an MG special – and won a number of races in California, including the Palm Springs Road Race in 1955.

A couple of years later, MG would return to record breaking, with the MG EX181 being driven by Sir Stirling Moss at a speed of 245.64mph. And in 1959, with a slightly larger engine, Phil Hill drove the MG to 254.91 mph, the fastest speed ever recorded by an MG vehicle.


An Iconic Brand

Over the following years, MG developed a reputation for quality and many of its cars became truly iconic.

Elvis Presley drove an MGA in the film Blue Hawaii. The King of Rock and Roll even bought an MGA himself and kept it at his Graceland residence.

Throughout the 1960s, big name celebrities owned MGs, including the likes of Prince Charles (now King Charles of course!), George Best and James Dean.

It was in the 1960s that the best-selling MG of all time was released. The MGB Roadster hit the market in 1962, and was still in production in 1980, during which time it sold more units than any other MG model before or since.


Entering a new era

Released in 1995, the MGF marked a new sportscar model for MG, and this quickly became a global bestseller.

The age of MG Rover saw a number of robust yet stylish models released, helping to cement MG’s positive reputation in the modern age.

And MG has moved with the times beautifully, continuing to innovate and embrace modern technology. The MG electric range is testament to this, with a broad selection of stylish, efficient and environmentally-friendly models available.


MG and Thurlow Nunn

There’s no denying that MG has an esteemed legacy and is rightly held in high regard.

And with 100 years of experience, MG is showing no signs of slowing up. We at Thurlow Nunn are proud to celebrate this MG anniversary and be able to offer top quality MG cars at our King’s Lynn dealership.

As well as MG new cars, MG used cars and MG electric cars, we have a number of MG special offers available, as well as MG Motability options.

Be sure to take a look at our MG Fleet and MG Affinity options as well.

To test drive and buy an MG from Thurlow Nunn, simply get in touch with our team. We will be happy to help you and arrange things accordingly. And if you have any questions, we are in the perfect position to offer our insight and support.