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Gender Pay Gap report 2017

At Thurlow Nunn, we consider that our employees are our most valuable asset. We believe that having a gender balanced workforce gives the business the diversity required to improve the performance of the company.

The company employed 281 staff in April 2017, 206 male and 75 female.

Our mean (average) gender pay gap is 30.5%, a reflection of the more senior positions held by men in a historically male dominated industry-motor trade.

The mean bonus gap of 26.6% is also caused by males holding more senior positions.

The proportions of male/female employees in four earning quartiles are shown in the graphs below.

We do feel that the above statistics are mis-leading and that the data showing a pay gap is not a pay issue but is down to the roles populated by males and females and the structure of the related reward offering.

Within the business males and females performing same or similar roles receive the same or similar remuneration with some geographical variations.

We have a commitment to become an increasingly gender inclusive business and will continue to nurture and promote women into higher grade positions. We have joined the UK Automotive 30 club which is an organisation working towards having 30% of its leadership positions filled by women.Details on their website: